The Memory of the Armenian Genocide as the Main Factor of Armenian Nationalism

AstghikOsyan There are a number of scientific approaches of understanding the concept of Genocide. Some of them may spread a light on understanding the impact of Genocide on the identity of both the victim and the murderer. For instance among such approaches are AleidaAssmann’s discussions of collective memory, Gregory H. Stanton’s suggestions of the […]

Collective Memory as a Basic Axis of Local Identity Construction – Armenians in the Home Country and in the Diaspora in a Transnational Perspective –

Hakob Matevosyan The main objective of my research is to answer the question how collective memory and local identity intertwine in the Diaspora as well as the home country of the Armenians. What dividing lines can be observed? And can we even assume that there exists a unified Armenian collective memory? Answering this question […]